Display Module ULTDM410

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The ULTDM410 is a simple human interface to the standard range of ULTITEC Electronics barrier controllers, Loop detectors, Turnstile controllers and other various support controllers based car parking and access control industry. This Display module uses Backlit 16 character by two line LCD. This unit will work in sunlit and dark applications.

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The hand held module is small enough to be carried in ones pocket and robust enough for the average technician or engineer to handle. A standard stereo 3,5mm jackplug cable is used to connect the display module to the unit to be tested or programmed. Another advantage is, the unit does not require batteries as it derives its power from the unit it is connected to.

The ULTDM410 is a simple unit and has no real intelligence other than decode a serial communication signal. All the information on the display comes from the Test unit. All the settings are also stored on the Test unit not the display.

This unit will work on the 300 and 400 series Test units.

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Dimensions 10 × 10 × 5 cm

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