Parking Product Standards

All of our products work at a consistently high standard, whether independently or in harmony with each other. The effects of these specialised electronics may be seen in shopping malls, businesses and residential properties, all of which require Eelectronic Access Control products to operate effectively, ensuring the safety and security of both people and property.

Easy Installation

Ultitec products are designed and manufactured to suit most requirements and for ease of installation and use. An understanding of the needs and challenges of access control and parking systems coupled with innovative designs by Electronics specialists ensures that all the products manufactured are efficient and accurate.

Parking System Specialists

Precision-built products are at the heart of the security and operation of parking solutions across the globe and Ultitec Electronics are specialists in this challenging environment, offering a wide range of electronic parking products to meet any need. When it comes to ensuring that manufacturers only use the best electronic access systems available, Ultitec provide a complete access control solution.

Our products rely on complex state-of-the-art electronics to create accurate and efficient equipment. These parking products include:

LED Displays
LED Traffic Lights
Traffic Light Controllers
Serial to Ethernet Adapters
Barrier Controllers
Vehicle Detectors
Combined Loop/Barrier Logics
Power Supplies
Drop Box Electronics
Coin Acceptors
Proximity Readers