Combo Logic ULTCLS250T

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The Combined Torque motor Barrier logic and Single Channel Vehicle Detector is a reliable cost effective solution to barrier electronics. It is no longer necessary to wire up two separate units thus saving cost, wiring time and fault finding time.

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  • Compact size:
    The most versatile combined Logic Detector module in the industry, with all the requirements of an access logic.
  • Diagnostics Capability:
    This unit has simple LED indicated loop diagnostics.
  • Wide Supply Voltage:
    This unit operates from 12VDC to 270VAC
  • Detects Vehicles on power up:
    This unit remembers the loop characteristics, so on power up if there is a vehicle it will indicate a detection.
  • Sensitivity on detect:
    This feature allows the detect sensitivity to adjusted from 0.020% to 0.500% inductance change for vehicle to be detected.
  • Filter functions:
    The filter function is used to inhibit false triggering in electrically noisy environments or assisting in flow control. The filter is a programable delay timer on detect and off detect.
  • Selectable Second Relay Functions:
    This relay can be used for two functions: Ticket Vend Interlock and End Of Transaction.
  • Loop Protection:
    The loop is protected with significant Lightning protection.
  • Super stable Loop detector:
    This oscillator is very stable with low distortion.

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